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Assessment of the HR Practices for Legal Binding-myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theAssessment of the HR Practices for Legal Binding. Answer: Introduction Human resource assessment helps in identifying if the HR departments specific practice areas and performs adequate processes, effective and legal binding. The result of the assessment helps identify the unclear gaps in HR practices and functions. The organization can prioritize these gaps to minimize unwanted lawsuits or regulatory violations and liabilities that may occur. It also helps achieve and maintain world-class and competitive practices in the field of human resource management. Therefore, HR assessment involves identifying resource gaps, determining and recommending solutions to situations before they become unmanageable. The assessment is an opportunity for the organization to determine what they are doing right or wrong and what can be done differently, effectively and at a reduced cost. According to Fan, Zhang, and Zhu, (2013 p 532), organization growth is fully or partially dependent on the existing set structure of the HR model. Most companies assess the HR practices t o develop performances of the team and the organization. Woolworths is the diversified retailer shops that operate about 3,200 stores in Australia and New Zealand. That includes supermarkets, liquor stores, hotels and consumer electronics shops. Woolworths also sells gasoline and leverages its distribution network to provide the third-party supermarkets with wholesale merchandising services. Woolworth has a group of directors and chain of managers managing the large numbers of employees. For HR plays a paramount role to manage the workforce of an organization (Zhang et al., 2015 p. 518). HR has practices that are perceived to be effective from the organization perspective. If the practices are followed, it will reduce the gap of Human resource team in any organization. Woolworth relies on selecting best-skilled employees to manage its operations. To recruit the best skill in the market, Woolworth advertises the vacant job positions online to reach a wide range of applicants. The applicants send their applications online. A proper person recruited for the job from applicants based on merit (Blackwood Bentley, 2013 p 27). It also ensures transparency in the process of recruitment. Woolworth ensures to follow the legislated regulations of Anti-Discrimination act and provision of Equal Employment Opportunity as required throughout the recruitment process and also by the privacy act required when handling personal information. When the selection is made, training and orientation of the candidates take place for easy integration of companys practices. Woolworth has a system for managing performance based on employees current skills, required skills, and career aspirations. It enables the employees and management to fill the gaps in skills and decision making. Woolworths uses this technique to enhance the participation of employees and increase job satisfaction among employees. The retailing business is one of the constantly changing sectors and Woolworths has prepared for any changes that might occur (Gratton 2003, p 76). The contingency theory allows the retail shop to ensure that the right manpower are available for the particular project and jobs available. Through the application of the contingency theory, Woolworths can exercise complete control and manag its employees throughout all the locations of the stores. Contingency theory is best suitable for the Woolworths companies operations. The management also identifies and rewards high performers by providing awards intended to encourage other employees to work hard. High perf ormances are rewarded through career development opportunities. Training and development is another HR practice at Woolworth. The trainings are offered in different terms depending on the level of outcomes, and market shares. This HR function is used to build core competencies to create competitive knowledge and sustainable advantages for the organization (Mitchell, Obeidat, Bray, 2013, p 910). Woolworth organization has one of the best HR practices and functions, though the number of employee disengagements is increasing. There are Safety concerns for specific areas such as drivers, electrical appliances operators and all the Woolworths employees working in stores. Woolworth has rules and regulations that monitors and guides operations in the departments that every member must follow. For example, the employees working in departments such as electrical are required to put on protector gear. And the arrangement and general organization of stores are done is in such a way that it does not put in jeopardy the lives of customers or employees as they move around the store. The HR ensures that all the employees of Woolworth observe all the safety rules (Woolworths Report 2018 p, 8). Woolworth reports high turnover of employees every year as employees move to greener pastures in other organizations. The management is looking for ways to retain the best talents. Woolworth provides a career development opportunity as a way of persuading employees to remain in the organization. They also provide numerous benefits like discounts, death and funeral cover. There is also parental leave and provision of fitness centers aims at employee retention. It also improves the job satisfaction (Hrebini2005, p 21). From the practices, it is satisfactorily to state that Woolworths consider its employees as assets and not liabilities. This evident in the extent the HR practices go to retain and ensure the employees are happy and enjoy their benefits. It is notable that it guided performance. Woolworth should consider identifying each of their employee's needs and factors that motivate them in their role and ensure that they treat their employees as individuals. Employee engagement is a set of combined positive attitudes and behaviors of employees that enable high job performance of any kind which is in tune with the organizations mission and goals. Employees who are more committed to their work tend to be more likely to behave in positive and cooperative ways and attitudes, to the benefit of both the company and themselves. Recognizing the individuals needs within the workforce helps management develop their skills and enables them to maximize the potentials of each employee. Most employees view their duties in a more meaningful, fulfilling and always appear to register increased job satisfaction which leads to improved performance. Though most employees seem not to be engaged at work leaving the question that benefit from the engagement? Managers should keep an employee engaged and committed which is perhaps one of the biggest challenges one faces. The effort will ultimately lead to increased performances and reduced mistakes. For Employee engagement to be successful, the organizational commitment and involvement in implementing efficiency initiatives is critical. Woolworths increases the employee engagement in the business by involving the employees in certain levels of decision making. It promotes transparency and as well acts as a way of developing improved strategies. Also, encourage team members to share knowledge with one another. Helps in promoting practice opportunity and fulfilling the needs of every team member and provide learning opportunity too. Woolworths management can improve its HRM practices by ensuring the management can deal with the turnover rate of employees in the stores. IT can offer its workers competitive salaries for their workers compared to other companies to increase retention. The HR should analyze the salary structure and provide a competitive amount for the retail shop's workers to attract and retain the best talent. Money is one of the big motivators of employees. (Hrebini 2005, p 24). Also, a job description should state the job and role of each employee for only qualified candidates to apply. Woolworth can also increase the channels for advertising jobs to attract a high number of applicants. The HR department also should share responsibilities among employees. Leaders learn to embrace transformational leadership style at all times and ensure to develop peoples skills under their management and harness talent at the same time. The management of Woolworth limited may provide employees with incentives such as lunch packages, better parking space or discounts on products. It will encourage the employees to work hard and also commit to their job duties and responsibilities to the company. It also allows the company to identify gaps between skills required to achieve top performance and the skills of the employees. The talent management and appraisal system of Woolworth should provide better planning for the training and development programs in the organization. Training and development is arranged based on the prevailing gaps identified by the HRM department assessment results and the departments heads in the organization (Mitchell, Obeidat, Bray 2013, p 910). Conclusion In conclusion, Employee engagement is the effort of the organizational requiring long-term vision in a business strategy context, to enhancing the productivity and retention rates of the employees. The employee engagement also enhances commitment to work from employees. You have to identify the company needs, develop and determine the right strategy used to measure the employee engagement and activities to implement. The HR assessment helps identify the gaps within the organization that needs to be improved to increase the productivity of the employees. It also helps HR engage in constant and continuous improvement of the organization's policies, procedures, and practice to keep improving and ensure the company continues to achieve its goals and objectives. The assessment also identifies gaps and provides direction for practices, policies, and compliances which are the most important assets an HR department contributes to the organization. List of References Ali, A. (2012). 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